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ScalaMatsuri 2019 tickets registration and ranked voting sessions open now!

Hi there! This is @OE_uia, the ScalaMatsuri chair.


TL;DR. Here are the summary of this post.

  • Tickets are available now on ScalaMatsuri 2019 event page.
  • The voting will be conducted by ticket holders, sponsors, and staff. It will close at Tuesday February 26th, 23:59 AoE (Anywhere on Earth).
  • The voting will be ranked voting style this year. The voting UI will be available directly from the ScalaMatsuri website after logging in.

Tickets & registration

ScalaMatsuri 2019 will be a three-day conference, held on Thursday June 27th, Friday June 28th, and Saturday June 29th.

  • On Thursday June 27th, it's called Workshop day with free tickets. Its detail will be announced later.
  • On Friday June 28th, it's called Conference day. As we hold on Saturday in ScalaMatsuri previous years, it will conducted in conference style.
  • On Saturday June 29th, it's called Unconference day. As we hold on Sunday in ScalaMatsuri previous years, it will conducted in unconference style (with few conference-style sessions).

Today, we've launched the ScalaMatsuri 2019 event page and started the registration of Conference & Unconference day (June 28th - 29th). Since Conference day will be held on a weekday, Unconference day only tickets are also available.

ScalaMatsuri 2019 - Doorkeeper

Please note that those who've submitted the talks do not have to register for the tickets yet -- if your proposal is accepted, you can participate without tickets.

As always, we thank Doorkeeper for sponsoring event registration system!

How to vote.

Participants who bought a ticket, sponsor companies and ScalaMatsuri staffs are eligible for voting. This article covers how participants can vote. Reception numberss for voting will be provided with Sponsors and ScalaMatsuri staff separately.

1.) Confirm your reception number.

Confirm your e-mail address that you used to buy the ticket, and the reception number in the e-mail you have received from DoorKeeper.

Doorkeeper reception number

The email you have received from Doorkeeper contains the QR code with your reception number (your 6 digits number below the QR code). You will be asked to enter the reception number when you sign in. We will verify this code later to match up with your Google, Twitter, or Github account that you use to sign in.

If you haven't made the purchase yet, there are some tickets available from the following page:

2.) Sign-in on proposal list page.

From the top right of the proposal list page, press the “Sign-in” button and sign in using your Google, Twitter, or GitHub account. (This will pop up an Authorize application dialog)

How to SignIn.

When you sign in, please enter the DoorKeeper reception number. This is it for the preparation.

3.) Ranked voting.

You can vote by clicking on the ☆ icon. Since there are many sessions, you can first pin some of the candidates first using the pushpin icon.

Select the sessions you would like to see. The number of votes per person is limited to 10. The remaining votes will be displayed at the top of the proposal list page. There are toggles to display only the voted and/or pinned sessions.

How to vote or pin proposals

In this year, we introduce ranked voting so that you can choose and place in an order up to five proposals. Your order will also be considered to select proposals. Since ranked voting is tolerant for vote splitting so that we could reduce the number of votes per person and make that easier.

You can drag & drop and put in an order proposals as shown below.

How to put in an order proposals.

The voting will close on February 26th 23:59 AoE(Anywhere on Earth). As long as the voting opens, you can change which proposals you vote, or which order you place in. Any votes afterwards will be invalid, so please be sure to vote early.

Timetable announcement.

Timetable will be public in March, while we send the results to each candidates who submitted their proposals in early March.

Timetable will be determined by not only voting results but social impact and a board of program committee.

We'd recommend spreading your favorite proposals in SNS as well as voting so that those sessions might get more chances to be accepted.

Voting FAQ

Q.How will the voting result be announced?

A.We will announce the result at the ScalaMatsuri website.

We will also announce on the Twitter, so this might a good chance to start following us.

  1. Is there any extra chance to talk what if my proposal is not accepted?

You can propose your talk for our Unconference, which will be held on the third day of the conference (June 29th). The talks are proposed and assigned on the day of the Unconference in the morning. We tend to have more sessions during the Unconference, so please bring your talks.

Please remember to vote!