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Submit your talks! ScalaMatsuri 2020 will be on May 15th (Fri) and 16th (Sat)

Howdy, Taisuke (@OE_uia) and Eugene (@eed3is9n) here.

Save the dates for ScalaMatsuri 2020!

ScalaMatsuri is the largest Scala event in Asia. We're excited to announce the dates ScalaMatsuri 2020 dates to be May 15th (Fri) and 16th (Sat)!

ScalaMatsuri 2020 | The largest international Scala conference in Asia

We are increasing the number of tracks to four tracks on the day 1 to total of 4 tracks. With the increased track, we are hoping to accept more talks geared towards Scala beginners.

On May 16 (Sat), we plan to have some conference track, "unconference" track that determines the talks on the day of, and the annual open source hackathon.

The beginner workshop was well received in the last conference. As a new experiment, we are thinking about hosting beginner workshops throughout the year, instead of a one-time workshop during ScalaMatsuri. The details will be announced at a later date.

CFP is now open!

Come speak at the largest Scala event in Asia with over 600 attendees.

  • Great way to promote your current project.
  • Spread your favorite technique.
  • Let the world know your skill set beyond your work circle.
  • Discuss with other participants and speakers.
  • Socialize with other experts at the speaker dinner.

Personally speaking, becoming a speaker is one of the best ways to enjoy a conference. If you're on the fence, please submit your talk.

Session category

Any topic that might be of interest to Scala learners and Scala community members are welcome. As a reference, take a look at last year's schedule for the accepted talks.

ScalaMatsuri 2019 | The largest international Scala conference in Asia

For this year, we've created a new category called "Scala beginners", but due to the fact that the two-way interpreters are available in two main halls only, we will not accept English talks ONLY for the new "Scala beginner" category. However, we welcome foundational talks explaining some concept from the basics, which can be also relevant for Scala beginners.

Other details

For this year, we will have 40 min sessions and 100 min sessions (of which 20 min are recess). Feel free to submit lecture style talks or workshops.

The talks are determined by both the program committee and voting by participants.

ScalaMatsuri wants diverse speakers from all over the world. To help break down the barriers, we're excited to offer travel grant ranging from USD 500 to 1500, depending of whether you're a student and the point of origin. Please see the following page for more details:

CFP will close at February 1st, 2020 23:59 Anywhere on Earth (2/2 20:59 JST)

ScalaMatsuri 2020 Call for Proposal

New Web site!

Starting this year, we've redesigned the ScalaMatsuri web site. What used to be built using Twitter Bootstrap + Jekyll are replaced with Nuxt.js (Vue.js) based site.

This has been an on-going effort since before ScalaMatsuri 2019. Kudos to ScalaMatsuri website maintainers!

ScalaMatsuri 2020 website contributors graph

Looking forward to your talk submissions!