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This blog is about ScalaMatsuri preparation, and sponsored by Hatena, Inc.

A Remap of ScalaMatsuri 2024

ScalaMatsuri2024 has been terrific. June 7 - June 9, 2024, we held the largest Scala conference in Asia. We really appreciate everyone who is a sponsor, speaker, and attendance.

ScalaMatsuri 2024 was an offline event. I hope you have enjoyed this event.

Almost 200 people, which includes staff and attendees, joined this event.

Day1 session was started from Li Haoyi's talk. There are many sessions, lunchtime and after party. We set up a delectable lunchbox to enjoy events.

To succeed in such a large event, community supports are required. It was a resounding success thanks to all members. While we are sad that ScalaMatsuri 2024 is over, it became one of the nice events.

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