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ScalaMatsuri 2024 is coming / Submit your talks! #ScalaMatsuri

Hi, folks who love Scala,

We are happy to announce that ScalaMatsuri 2024 will be held in next spring. Now CFP is open, so please submit your talks.

Current Summary of ScalaMatsuri 2024

ScalaMatsuri is the largest tech conference in Asia, which focuses on Scala. In the past events, speakers and attendances came from all over the world, not only from Japan.

In this event, everyone shared recent information and pieces of knowledge about Scala and communicated with each other. There were 26 sponsors and almost 400 attendances joined in the offline and online spaces.

The following are summaries of ScalaMatsuri 2024.

  • Date: June 7 - June 9, 2024
  • Program & Location
  • Venue: Offline

In 2024, we plan to hold ScalaMatsuri from June 7 to June 9. In the first day, we have Scala Training Day. Then we have Main Conference Sessions and Open Mic Sessions in the remaining days.

Main Sessions are held in Tokyo International Exchange Center. Scala Training Day Location is not decided yet.

Call for Proposals

Now we open your talk submission forms for ScalaMatsuri 2024. In this event, there are 2 kinds of talk slots. One is the main talk slot and another is a small talk slot for beginners. We welcome applications from not only experts with a passion for Scala, but also those whose content is aimed at beginners and those who would like to make a contribution to the Scala community using their experience and insight.

CFP outline is as follows.

CFP Forms

Survey Results for Categories of Sessions You Want to Hear at ScalaMatsuri 2024

We have taken a survey about the categories of sessions you would like to hear about at ScalaMatsuri 2024 in November 2023. Thank you to the many people who responded to the survey!

The following are the top results. Please refer to the results below.

  1. Scala3
  2. Software Design and Architecture
  3. Effect System (Cats Effect / Monix / ZIO / eff etc.)
  4. Functional programming in general and sphere theory
  5. Scala Native
  6. Concurrency

Let's restart the offline ScalaMaturi 2024 together!

The event has continued to be held online since 2020, but will return to an offline format for the first time in four years beginning in FY2024.

This year, as with ScalaMatsuri2023, open mic sessions will be held for two days.

So even if you applied for CFP as a speaker but did not win, you will still have a chance to present at ScalaMatsuri if you attend the event. Please join us at the event.

Just like carrying a portable shrine at a festival, let's get ScalaMatsuri 2024 back on track with all the speakers, participants, and sponsors involved.

ScalaMatsuri 2024 offers you the opportunity to grow, learn, and connect as a member of the Scala community. You can discover new ideas and friends, interact with Scala enthusiasts from around the world, and build a future together.

Please stay tuned for more updates on ScalaMatsuri 2024 through this blog and social networking sites!