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Submit your talks! ScalaMatsuri 2020 will be on May 15th (Fri) and 16th (Sat)

Howdy, Taisuke (@OE_uia) and Eugene (@eed3is9n) here. Save the dates for ScalaMatsuri 2020! ScalaMatsuri is the largest Scala event in Asia. We're excited to announce the dates ScalaMatsuri 2020 dates to be May 15th (Fri) and 16th (Sat)! S…

ScalaMatsuri 2019 tickets registration and ranked voting sessions open now!

Hi there! This is @OE_uia, the ScalaMatsuri chair. Summary TL;DR. Here are the summary of this post. Tickets are available now on ScalaMatsuri 2019 event page. The voting will be conducted by ticket holders, sponsors, and staff. It will cl…