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This blog is about ScalaMatsuri preparation, and sponsored by Hatena, Inc.

ScalaMatsuri 2018 CFP is now open!

Hi, ScalaMatsuri organizer Kasuya (id:daiksy) here.

We are excited to announce that the fifth ScalaMatsuri will be held on March 16th (Fri), 17th (Sat), and 18th (Sun), 2018 at Tokyo International Exchange Center. Please submit your talk for the general sessions that will be held on 17th (Sat) or 18th (Sun).

Nakamura-san, who got voted the most last year

Here are the overview of the CFP:

  • CFP will close at December 16th 23:59 JST.
  • We are looking for topics that you think Scala community or new learners of Scala would be interested.
  • Session length: 10, 40, or 90 minutes.
  • You are allowed up to three submissions.
    • We'll ask you to select one talk even if multiple talks qualify.
  • Speakers will be decided using survey and SNS impact as references.
  • For those who request it, we have fixed-amount travel grants for speakers with most votes.
  • We require all participants to respect our Code of Conduct
  • See for more details.

Your talks make ScalaMatsuri a great event every year. Let's do this again for 2018!!

Here are some more details.

Session lengths

We've created 10, 40, and 90 minute sessions. Pick the length that fits your content the best -- from lighter talk to more involved lectures.

The new addition this year is the 90 minute length. This is intended to cover workshop and other formats different from lecture-style sessions that would have been difficult with the conventional 40 minute session. Conventionally these were covered by the Unconference, but we can now plan ahead for these types of sessions.

Of course, if you would have something to lecture using the whole 90 minutes, that is welcome as well. Surprise us with your new ideas.

SNS impact

Speakers will be decided by a selection committee using participant's voting as the primary reference, but we will take SNS impact into the account. The SNS impact will be calculated by quantifying the buzz (or share) on Twitter, Facebook, Hatena Bookmark etc to measure the excitement about the session.

We are planning to tally the number of times a session was shared to Twitter, Facebook, and Hatena Bookmark via the social buttons placed on each proposal page of the official ScalaMatsuri website.

This is intended to create buzz around ScalaMatsuri up front, and also to attract people to your proposals. Once your proposals get on the official ScalaMatsuri website, please share it on various media to advertise your proposal.

Travel grant

ScalaMatsuri wants diverse speakers from all over the world. To help break down the barriers, we're excited to offer travel grant.

Here are the only categories that can assist (because we are a non-profit):

  1. Airfare and other transportation to Tokyo.
  2. Other transportation during ScalaMatsuri
  3. Hotel fares during ScalaMatsuri general sessions. (three nights for March 16th, 17th, and 18th)

Any other expenses, including ones incurred from sightseeing or hotel fares (priced per person in Japan) for accompanying travellers, cannot be expensed by us. Please note that we expect hotel fees to be covered either by the speakers or from the travel grant. In other words, you must book the hotel and air travel on yourself.

The maximum amount of the travel grant is fixed by the origin of your travel:

  • Japan $800 USD
  • East Asia and Southeast Asia (China, Korea, Philippines etc) $900 USD
  • Other Asia (India, Turkey, Israel, etc) $1500 USD
  • Oceania $1300 USD
  • Europe $1500 USD
  • Africa $2000 USD
  • North America $1500 USD
  • South America $2000 USD

Note that the amount offered as travel grant will NOT exceed the actual travel expense. Suppose you've been approved for the grant and the travel expense was $1000 from Europe, the maximum amount the ScalaMatsuri will reimburse will be $1000.

All items must have either an email forward from an airline or scans/photos of a receipt. Please read for more details.