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ScalaMatsuri 2020 T-shirt shops open now!

Hi, I'm OE (@OE_uia), the ScalaMatsuri Chairperson.

I'm thrilled to announce ScalaMatsuri 2020 t-shirt shop opens today!

We are opening two stores at BASE and Shopify, to bring our products to participants around the world.

ScalaMatsuri official T- shirt shop ( left: BASE, right: Shopify )

The e-commerce shop will hold only ScalaMatsuri 2020 t-shirts and will CLOSE around the end of 2020.

TL;DR / Summary

  • This time, we are producing and delivering t-shirts on demand. Please choose your favorite color and pattern.
  • If you live in outside of Japan, please use Shopify. It will take 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on where you live.
  • If you live in Japan, we recommend ordering from BASE for quick delivery (usually 1 week to 10 days).


Buy it at ScalaMatsuri Official Online T-Shirt shop @Shopify.

It is available in 7 colors, and the base fabric specification varies depending on the color. The price is around US$21~27, plus an additional shipping fee. You can order the one you want.

They are manufactured in various parts of the world, and depending on where you live, it usually takes about 1-2 weeks for the product to arrive.


Visit ScalaMatsuri Official Online T-Shirt shop @BASE to purchase your t-shirt.

There are 7 colors and 2 types of T-shirts: the standard T-shirt (4300 yen) and the slim T-shirt (3300 yen). Please choose your favorite color and shape for your order. All prices include shipping and handling.


We are not aiming to make this T-shirt for profit, so the selling price is the sum of the manufacturing cost and the sales commission of the e-commerce shop.

Due to the on-demand production and delivery of the T-shirts, the production cost is higher than in typical years, and there are some individual differences.

Also, there may be some glue on the garment. Please wash it before wearing it.

If you want to receive before ScalaMatsuri 2020, we recommend you order by the end of September.

Features of each t-shirt.

Hello! My name is Takahashi, and I'm the staff member in charge of ordering and producing T-shirts. From here, I would like to introduce the features of each t-shirt. I'd be happy if you can use it as a reference when you are considering purchasing these t-shirts.

Shopify T-shirts.

Shopify is an e-commerce shop for the international market. This article is about Navy & Sunflower (Base Fabric: Unisex Premium T-Shirt | Bella + Canvas 3001). Please note that the materials and base fabrics of the T-shirts distributed by Shopify change depending on the color.

Feature Summary:

  • Reasonable price
  • Thin fabric (4.2 oz), soft and comfortable to wear
  • The print is clear and distinct.
  • Longer than usual
  • Recommended for cost-conscious people.


The fabric is thin and soft and comfortable to wear. f:id:mocolog:20200827205435j:plain

A close-up of the print.
The inkjet print is the same as the t-shirts. The print is a little clearer than the regular t-shirts at BASE as shown later. f:id:mocolog:20200827205509j:plainf:id:mocolog:20200827205528j:plain

Comparison with the regular t-shirt at BASE. Both sizes are medium; Shopify's t-shirt is longer. f:id:mocolog:20200827205607j:plain

This one is shipped from all over the world, so it may take some time for it to arrive. However, the price is kept relatively low, so it's recommended for those who are looking for good deals!

BASE: Regular T-shirts.

Feature Summary:

  • The fabric is firm (5.6oz)
  • It's an inkjet print, so the print doesn't come off, but it's a bit soft.
  • For those who want the usual ScalaMatsuri T-shirt.

Here are the details along with pictures.

If you look closely, you will see traces of glue. Please wash it before you wear it. f:id:mocolog:20200827190404j:plain

Close-up of the printed part

Due to the specifications of inkjet printing, the print will not come off. On the other hand, the logo print is a little softer than the t-shirts I've made in the past. I personally don't mind it when I wear it, but if you don't mind, please be careful.


It's also the closest in size to past ScalaMatsuri t-shirts, so if you want a t-shirt in your usual size, I recommend it!

BASE: Slim T-Shirt.

As the name suggests, this is a slightly slimmer t-shirt. This is a product where the ground t-shirt is on special limited stock and is less in stock than the regular t-shirt. Some items are already out of stock. Your understanding is appreciated.

Also, there is no "ice green" color and there are a total of six colors.

Feature Summary:

  • Slightly thinner than a regular-shirt, but the fabric is firm (5.0 oz)
  • It's an inkjet print, so the print doesn't come off, but it's a bit soft.
  • Recommended for those who want to wear a fitted silhouette.

The photo shows the texture of the fabric, but it is a little thinner than the regular t-shirt. It's not flimsy, but it's enough solid. f:id:mocolog:20200827191539j:plain

As for the print, it is the same finish as the standard t-shirt.

Comparison with the standard t-shirt
Both sizes are medium. The slim t-shirt is a little smaller. f:id:mocolog:20200827192047j:plain

Slim T-shirts are recommended for those who want to wear them in a fitted silhouette.
Also, if you usually get unisex t-shirts as novelty and feel that they are too big, we especially recommend Slim T-shirts!

That's just a brief introduction to the various t-shirts. We hope that this is a guide for you.