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CFP closes, and session voting opens!

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Hi, this is @OE_uia, an organizer of ScalaMatsuri.

We've closed CFP on 14th Oct. and got final count of 117 proposals, which is the highest in ScalaMatsuri history. Huge thanks to all the candidates!

Although all sessions sounds attractive, we'll have a voting session to determine speakers as we communicated in last article.

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All the sessions in conference part will be chosen by this session voting. This means it determines whether you'll be able to enjoy Scala Matsuri fully, or be a bit disappointed at it.

You'll want to see the proposal list one by one. It would be helpful to filter sessions by tags you're interested in.

Links to Twitter or GitHub accounts help you to understand candidates. Discussion at Official Gitter Channel or at Twitter may give another insight with you.

We expect you to choose sessions which you really want to see. It would definitely make ScalaMatsuri enjoyable.

How to vote:

This voting session is for participants who bought a ticket, sponsor companies and ScalaMatsuri staffs. This article covers how participants can vote.

1.) Confirm your e-mail address which you use to buy ticket, and check-in code in a ticket e-mail.

You can check mails from Doorkeeper and it has QR code with check-in code (your 6 digits number below QR code).


You need to input this reception number, your name as well as e-mail address in the voting form. We'll verify your votes using reception number and your name, and your e-mail address.

If you haven't made the purchase yet, Ninja sponsor is still available. With this sponsorship, you can join session voting as well as ScalaMatsuri 2016, and will be called Ninja!

2.) Fill this form with your e-mail address which you used in vote.

Suffix of each line stands for difficulties:: +:Beginner, ++:Intermediate, +++:Advanced.

ScalaMatsuri 2016 Session Voting

Here are abstracts of candidates. You can filter candidates with tag.

Proposal List - ScalaMatsuri 2016

In this form, you'll need to choose following number of sessions by category (language, length).

  • English 40min ... 12 sessions out of 48 candidates
  • English 15min ... 3 sessions out of 12 candidates
  • Japanese 40min ... 7 sessions out of 27 candidates
  • Japanese 15min ... 8 sessions out of 30 candidates

This session voting will be closed at 23:59 JST on 30th Oct.

(Note: Professional translation services are available in main two halls.)

3.) Get psyched waiting for the voting result!

Voting FAQ

Q.How will voting result be announced?

A.We will announce at ScalaMatsuri Website.

Q. Why are the number of votes different among the session categories?

A.This is for room allocation. Comparing popularity of each session beforehand is very important to assign appropriate room to them. However, it's not very straight forward to compare since they're under different competition rate.

So we standardize weight of votes, and will be able to just compare number of votes which each session gets.

Number of sessions in each language will be almost same.

Q. Is there any extra chance to talk what if my proposal is not accepted?
  1. You can propose your talk for our Unconference, which is planned to be 2nd day of ScalaMatsuri 2016 (31st Jan in 2016).

Proposals Talks are gathered and assigned at the morning session of the day. Number of sessions in unconference is a bit more than conference part.

Gitter channels open now

We've opend gitter channels for ScalaMatsuri, in English or Japanese. You can ask any question about ScalaMatsuri, or discuss session voting, logistics etc.

This gitter channel is inspired from Scala World.

Japanese channel scalamatsuri/scalamatsuri-ja

English channel scalamatsuri/scalamatsuri-en

Enjoy ScalaMatsuri session voting!